Hen weekend ideas

A hen party is a perfect way for those close to the bride to bond before the wedding. The maid of honor is usually responsible for planning one and will often be assisted by those close to the bride. As you plan a hen party, having a few ideas on the table to pick one is quite important. Remember, this is a day you get to celebrate the bride before she takes her vows, which means you should make it memorable.

What are some hen party ideas that you can consider? They include the following:

  1. Tea
    A tea date is a perfect way for ladies to bond. While having some tea, you can chitchat and gossip as you catch up on lost times. It’s also a perfect time for all of you to share personal experiences with the bride as you congratulate her on her marriage. Pick a perfect venue for the tea date, which can either be at the bride’s home or a restaurant all of you are familiar with. While you sip on some tea, share lots of laughter, and take lots of pictures to remember the day as you bond.
  2. Movie night
    A movie night is a consideration when weighing your options on ideas for a hen weekend. Pick a night with a perfect movie for all of you, and make sure you buy some corn and beer to share the memories. You may choose a romantic movie for the night, but if you are adrenaline junkies, a horror movie would certainly suit you all.
  3. Charitable event
    You may also decide to be generous and give back to society. Instead of spending your money parting or drinking, kindness through giving those less fortunate can also be a perfect hen party idea. Pick a community-based project such as an elderly or children’s home where you can go spend time with them as you donate to them to support them in what they need. You will have lots of fun putting smiles on their faces and will not regret the decision made later on.